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Our Elementary School begins with PreK-3 and culminates in Grade 6. We have a combined PK3-4 year old class. We have one section of grades K-6 with a maximum class size of 15 students.


Our Pre K 3-4 enjoys its own playground, designed for the enjoyment of our youngest students. The program follows the Creative Curriculum model. Creative Curriculum is research-based and supports the development of the whole child. High-quality, comprehensive resources empower our teachers to intentionally teach and care for our youngest learners during the most critical and formative years of development.  


AERO Standards guide the curriculum used in Grades K-6.  AERO is in alignment with research-based trends in the development of curriculum worldwide, and particularly with the Common Core initiative in the U.S. Most US Office of Overseas schools utilize AERO standards.  Our K-6 school day incorporates daily instruction in core classes English, Math, Science, and Social Studies while enhancing the curriculum with classes in Art, French, Computer Science, and Physical Education. Teachers integrate technology in all subject areas. Each classroom is equipped with a comprehensive library of children’s literature and informational texts. The Elementary Division has a dedicated outdoor space, where students can enjoy learning in and out of the classroom.

Classroom Websites:

PreK    Kindergarten    1st Grade      2nd Grade      3rd Grade     4th Grade       5th Grade


Middle SChool



Welcome to the Middle School division of the American International School of Monrovia. The middle school program is intended to enrich and further develop students as they make the transition from elementary school to high school. Middle school is a huge growth time for students physically, emotionally, and cognitively.


At AISM we look at academics as our primary responsibility although we realize that the social-emotional development and well-being of young adults is critical to how they see themselves and others. We purposefully organize students to work in small groups, critically analyze information and to form their own ideas, thoughts, and opinions. 


Middle School at AISM consists of Grades 7- 8, students have eight different classes; English, Math & Science – meet every day for 1 hour. Social Studies, Art, PE, Theatre/Tech/Health rotate every other day. Students have a different teacher for each class. Middle School students can join the AISM-  MUN. The Model UN is a popular activity for those interested in learning more about how the UN operates. Hundreds of thousands of students’ worldwide take part every year at all educational levels. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as a student. 

Middle School Classes Website



High School


Welcome to the American International School of Monrovia College Preparatory High School.  AISM-CPHS offers an American Diploma that emphasizes, Pre AP and AP courses in each year of high school with a service learning program in Grades 11 and 12. We believe by challenging students while supporting them, in rigorous core classes, they are better prepared for colleges and universities. We are the only high school in Monrovia to offer on-site PSAT and SAT preparation and testing. 


Our High School program of study prepares students by engaging them in meaningful and challenging course work starting in Grade 9.  Our faculty is diverse and well qualified to implement high level, curriculum throughout all subject areas. Some online classes are used in Grades 11 and 12 to supplement the program of study, as needed.  


One of the unique features of the high school program is its service learning program in Grades 11 and 12. We are uniquely situated as AISM- CPHS in Liberia (small school with big dreams) where we can pair students with NGOs, non-profits and diplomatic communities to experience a service learning project. Our students will plan, and implement service projects that will highlight their unique interests and leadership skills while preparing them for college/university and a potential career. 

High School Classes Website


"We offer a vibrant ,
warm and energetic
environment where students
can thrive."

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