Welcome the AISM
Board of Trustees

Mr. Rigobert Kilu - Chair


Ms. Lillian Best


Ms. Jenny Bjork


Mr. Michael Blees


Mr. Barry Dagold


Mr. Wael Hariz


Ms. Sunshine Ison


Mr. Jeffrey Szuchman


Ms. Kim Toure



Message from the Board Chair


Dear Students,  Parents, fellow Members of the Board and Faculty &  Staff,

I am Rigobert Kilu and I will have the great honor to chair the AISM Board for the 2021/2022 school year. I am a German National working for the German Cooperation in Liberia and have two daughters at the AISM. 

We just had a very difficult school year behind us and I would like to express a special thanks to the AISM Staff, the parents, the students, and my fellow Board members for the effort in making this year a success. My very special thanks will go to our School Director Dr. Bobbi McDaniel, who during this very difficult time, showed leadership skills and vision.

I would like also to thank the outgoing Board members for the good work and warmly welcome the new ones into the AISM Board. I would also take this opportunity to wish all the best to the Students and Staff members, who have left the AISM Family, at the same time I would like to welcome ALL the newcomers, staff members, Students, and their parents.

We have challenges ahead of us and for sure the upgrade to a High School will be one of them. The start has been done and the rest will follow.

I will conclude by wishing everyone a very nice holiday and hope to see all of you healthy and ready for the new challenges of 2021/2022


Kind regards,

Rigobert Kilu (Pr. Eng.)