Hello There!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  The American International School of Monrovia continues to improve and grow every year. We are happy you are here and we hope that you enjoy learning more about our school. As we grow, we will continuously update the website to reflect our development.

Director’s Message,


Welcome to the American International School of Monrovia! The 2022 -2023 school year begins my 3rd year as the Director of AISM. It is my privilege to be in Liberia and at AISM to work towards the school’s goals. As part of our Growth Mindset the AISM Board reviewed the old mission statement and decided the school needed to update and expand the AISM mission:


“The Mission of AISM is to inspire learners to be inclusive, resilient, and creative critical thinkers. We strive to prepare our diverse student body to thrive in an increasingly complex world and to generate innovative solutions to challenges of the future.”


As a Faculty we have taken the new mission and incorporated it as a guide to teaching and learning.


Thinking About Our Mission As We Teach and Learn

Inspire - engage students to want to learn more 

Inclusive - provide for all learners (support & differentiate)

Resilient - equip students with skills to meet & overcome challenges

Creative - provide opportunities to think “outside the box” 

Critical Thinkers - evaluate from a critical point of view

Innovative Solutions - find new ways to problem solve

Future challenges - ask questions that lead to a future focus


We are excited for the 2022 - 2023 school year and looking forward to continued growth and development.


Kind regards,

Dr.Bobbi McDaniel

Director – American International School of Monrovia