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COVID UPDATE as of August 25th, 2022

We are still in the wave of positive COVID cases on campus and throughout the world. We are starting the year off with an abundance of caution with the following protocol:


AISM COVID Protocols for Start of School - August 15th

  1. Masks will be worn in the classroom.

  2. Hands will be washed upon arrival and frequently.

  3. Temperatures will not be checked unless symptoms are present.

  4. If your child is sick, unwell, feverish, (chronically coughing) please keep them at home.

  5. We do not require a negative COVID test to return to school. 

  6. 5 days of quarantine and no fever are recommended by the CDC for a return to work or school.

  7. Please read the CDC’s latest update below.


CDC Recommendations 8/11/22


Article ED Week 8/22

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